There is another way

To the Editor: This is a copy of a letter to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. We are led to believe that we either have to live with the existing shabby Stop & Shop store, or accept a new building which most Vineyarders feel is inappropriate for that site. There is, however, a practical solution which […]

Strategies and changes to Stop & Shop plan

To the Editor: I am the co-chairman of the Tisbury planning board and a member of the Municipal Parking Lot Committee, but this is a submission of my own. It includes references to planning board and parking lot committee policies, which I have attempted to represent accurately. Any errors or misstatements are my responsibility. I […]

Too big

To the Editor: First, go down to the Tisbury Stop & Shop and look at the height pole set up for us all to see. This took them over three months to erect after numerous promises. Now imagine that height extending from Water Street to Cromwell Lane. Then from the parking lot along Water Street […]