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Carolyn Feltz will be selling beach stickers at the town hall Sunday through Friday, from 9 am to 12 noon.


Tonight is the night our eighth-grade students who have attended the West Tisbury School will promenade and take on the task of becoming high school freshman.

The elusive pink nose

Zig, a handsome eight-year-old orange kitty, came in for his annual physical and vaccinations.

Neal Maciel – a life in law enforcement

The work on the trim of his Tisbury home will be done now, the skylight completed, and most likely a couple of books on history will be read.

Oak Bluffs businessman guilty of indecent assault

Oak Bluffs businessman Saurabh Chhibber, a man one police officer called a dangerous predator, was sentenced to 2.

Judith Campbell pens “A Deadly Mission”

"A Deadly Mission," by Judith Campbell, Mainly Murder Press, LLC.

Reporting should be less graphic

The graphic detail the MV Times has chosen to supply in articles reporting episodes of sexual misconduct (most recently regarding the exotic dancer, for example) leads me to question how well your editorial staff believes our children can read.

Congress should do its job on energy legislation

Three years of inaction by Congress demonstrates their ineptness at promulgating meaningful energy legislation and does not justify wasting their time, instead, in trying to prevent the EPA from doing its mandated judicial directive to establish federal climate regulations.

Keep on keeping up

The West Tisbury Farmers' Market has resumed at the Grange Hall.

Shedding, it’s a journey

Our labs make shedding look so easy.

“For All The Right Reasons:” A rock and roll love story

"For All The Right Reasons" by Ann Lister, SleighFarm Publishing Group, 248 ppg, $9.

All nationalities welcome

There has been so much said about the Brazilian students being allowed to wear Brazilian colors at graduation, that this may be a little overkill.

Not ‘community’ the way he sees it

To the Editor:Over the past years I've been writing Letters to the Editor regarding lack of public access at Lambert's Cove Beach, a town park in West Tisbury.

Oak Bluffs

I had some questions from readers who were unable to locate the Town Columns on the website.

Moving in – new hospital opens June 22

Early Tuesday morning, the first ambulances will begin to arrive at the doors of the new Martha's Vineyard Hospital emergency room.

A great father

The family of Stan Hart would like to thank everyone who joined us in the celebration of his life on Saturday at the Ag Hall.

Sheila Morgan

Sheila Morgan of Vineyard Haven died on June 12 after a brief illness.

Serbian comedy at Katharine Cornell

Serbian first-time director Darko Lungulov serves up a savory platter of warm-hearted humor and real life in "Here and There.

Oak Bluffs hosts HarborFest and Summer Solstice party

The heart of Oak Bluffs will yet again bloom with the annual summer solstice celebration and 19th annual Harbor Festival, dubbed HarborFest, offering shopping, outdoor dining, and a fun atmosphere up and down Circuit Avenue and the harbor, for both tourists and Islanders.

Amuse the kids in Oak Bluffs

With schools winding down for the year, kids will be in need for some fun activities to fill their time.