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White House confirms Obama family Vineyard vacation

The White House has confirmed that President Obama and his family will vacation on Martha's Vineyard in August following a trip to the Gulf.


I'd love to know how everyone's gardens are doing.

Do you think this is funny?

Another bench has disappeared from the bus route to and from Vineyard Haven.

Amazing coverage

Just a note to say that the coverage of the harbor fire was simply amazing.

Mishka, Arrested Development, and Donavon Frankenreiter at Nectar’s

On the second track of Mishka's 2009 album Above the Bones, the international reggae sensation announces, "Here comes that train again.

Amphitheater transforms for magical performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream

Moments before the proverbial curtain was to rise on this year's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," something seemed amiss.

Toward a framework for Martha’s Vineyard wind energy regulation

In the coming year the Vineyard and Gosnold communities will be deciding what kind of wind energy development we want, both on land and offshore in state and federal waters.


After a very long week, the dust has settled and the hustle and bustle that characterizes July and August on the Vineyard has made its way back to Menemsha.


Remember last July? You were complaining about the cold and the rain and wondered when we would have a proper summer.

Barn Painters explain the mystique

Barns seem to hold a magic that invites transformation into art.

Disappointing visit to the new ER

I am very proud of our community for coming together to build a "better hospital.

Fame: SRO at Jabberwocky

The playful 1980s came alive over the weekend as about 70 campers, counselors, and staff members of Vineyard Haven's Camp Jabberwocky took the stage to present an exuberant, if not exactly faithful to the original, version of the classic movie "Fame.


I went to the beach every day this past weekend and I am exhausted.

A rebuttal

In a letter in the July 15 MVTimes, entitled "In response to the POINT advertisement", Paul Pimentel, in reference to the POINT advertisement of July 1, complains how tiresome it is to have to set the record straight, and then, in the guise of doing so, goes on to mislead your readers in a number of particulars.

All hail swallowtails

The most famous butterfly may be the orange-and-black monarch, noted for its size, coloration, and prodigious migration.

Obama Beat

Last year, the rumors that the Obama Family would vacation on Martha's Vineyard began in March and were not confirmed until late July.

The Artisans Festival’s creative community

For the past 14 years, from 10 am to 2 pm on any Thursday and Sunday morning from June through October, scores of artists and artisans meet, greet, and with hardly an extra motion, set up tents around the Grange Hall in West Tisbury, or assemble their booths inside underneath the beams and ceiling fans.

Riding for a cure

The first riders completed Saturday's 50-mile Pan-Martha Challenge in just under two-and-a-half hours, their sweat mixing with the satisfaction of having helped to raise thousands of dollars for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.