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I'd love to know how everyone's gardens are doing.

Obama Beat

Last year, the rumors that the Obama Family would vacation on Martha's Vineyard began in March and were not confirmed until late July.

All hail swallowtails

The most famous butterfly may be the orange-and-black monarch, noted for its size, coloration, and prodigious migration.

A rebuttal

In a letter in the July 15 MVTimes, entitled "In response to the POINT advertisement", Paul Pimentel, in reference to the POINT advertisement of July 1, complains how tiresome it is to have to set the record straight, and then, in the guise of doing so, goes on to mislead your readers in a number of particulars.

Show openings

Shindig, 7 to 10 pm, 201 Upper Main Street.

Please return my photos

To the person who picked up the wrong photos from Mosher's over the weekend, or Monday, could you please return them as soon as possible.

How are artists selected for show at your gallery?

Christina Cook, owner The Christina Gallery: We do get a lot of inquiries and artists sending their portfolios.

Disappointing visit to the new ER

I am very proud of our community for coming together to build a "better hospital.

Discovering the M.V. Museum

The Martha's Vineyard Museum held its 12th annual Evening of Discovery on Thursday, July 15, at the Vose family's spectacular Tower Hill site overlooking Edgartown Harbor.

Island movie series highlight dance, sumo, photos, schools

A special collaboration of The Yard, the Martha's Vineyard Film Society, and Benjamin Hall will bring the documentary, "Dancing Across Borders" to the Capawock Theatre on Sunday afternoon, July 25.

What’s the deal on electricity costs?

Cape Light Compact promises a reduced rate for electricity from now through January 2011, nine percent lower than what we've been paying during the first half of the year.

College troubadours land at Featherstone

A very talented band of troubadours has landed on Martha's Vineyard briefly to stage an original outdoor show before heading on to New York City's Fringe Festival.

Vineyard Cup triumphs over tides, temperatures

Under sultry sunny skies, through plenty of stiff breeze, and most of the time dead against the inexorable and strong currents of Island waters, the Vineyard Cup fleet competed in three days of racing last weekend.

To make cycling safer

I offer heartfelt condolences to all those affected by the recent tragic cycling accident in Vineyard Haven.

Sheriff’s Meadow, Quansoo beach group agree on gate location

A looming court battle over the location of a gate, maintained and staffed by the private Quansoo Beach Association with an attendant on Sheriff's Meadow Foundation (SMF) property, is on hold.

Seastone Papers: A transforming experience

Summer among many with an artistic bent would not be complete without the unique hands-on experience of participating in a papermaking workshop at Seastone Papers, the large rustic barn in a residential settting surrounded by woods in West Tisbury.

Soup for the stars

Butterhead lettuce and fresh shelling peas offer two of the most delicate and satisfying tastes of early summer.

Sharon Araujo “” off with the apron

"Hi guys," Sharon Araujo said casually as she walked into a surprise retirement party in her honor on Thursday in the main lobby of the new Martha's Vineyard Hospital.

Barbara J. L. Starrett

Barbara Jean Ligget Starrett, a writer, teacher and Jungian analyst who also excelled at music and painting, died peacefully in the early morning of Saturday, July 10 at her home in Chelsea, Mass.