Chilmark Police investigate theft of solar panels


Chilmark Police are investigating the theft of a crate of 21 solar panels from a jobsite at Grey Barn Farm off South Road in Chilmark sometime over the weekend.

Police Chief Brian Cioffi said the solar panels were in a crate that weighed about 2,000 pounds and likely required heavy equipment to move. The approximate value is $15,000.

Farm owners Eric and Molly Glasgow are in the process of outfitting four buildings with solar panels. Reached by The Times, general contractor John Early said it seems unbelievable that someone could enter the property and load the panels without being noticed. He said there had been no problems on the job site.

“I don’t know what to make of it. It is really unfortunate,” Mr. Early said. “It is like stealing a Ferrari on Martha’s Vineyard.”

Chilmark police ask anyone with information to call police at 508-645-3310.