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Congratulations to the Tisbury School and especially to Olivia Jacobs.

West Tisbury

I saw my first-of-the-season redwing blackbird Friday afternoon at Katherine Long's house.


She would wander in to the Texaco barefoot usually in a bathing suit.

A helping hand, a familiar one, every step along the way

This winter I had my first ride in an Edgartown ambulance, not a joy ride, but the real thing.

Even emergency vehicles must stop

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Chief Eric Blake of the Oak Bluffs Police Department.

Edgartown treatment plant woes no surprise

The day-to-day task of managing any successful business, including the Edgartown Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) requires great focus and lots of time overseeing the multi-faceted tasks of septage inflow, outgoing sludge, employees, sewer bills, plant maintenance, DEP-required testing, and laboratory work, to name a few.

Right and wrong in Oak Bluffs town government

I know that soon Oak Bluffs will hold an annual town meeting as well as a special town meeting.

Wonderful help

We would like to thank the staff and nurses of the Martha's Vineyard Hospital for the great care and compassion you showed to our mom and to us over the last year.

The prescription medicines problem

We are very concerned about the recent spate of

Oak Bluffs

The sun has been shining and it appears to have inspired many people to start to spruce up their yards and houses.

Where will the follow-up be displayed?

Rush to judgment? When you find out the details of the


Well, did I jump the gun on the welcoming of spring last week or what? I woke up last Thursday to five inches of snow, convinced that we would have a snow day.

Martha’s Vineyard Fire Partnership conducted burn Thursday

The Martha's Vineyard Prescribed Fire Partnership conducted a controlled burn Thursday, March 31 at the Long Point Wildlife Refuge in West Tisbury.

Global meltdown

Portugal, Spain, Greece, UK, Ireland, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Ivory Coast, Syria, and Bahrain, to name a few, are in the midst of a "meltdown.


For some people, it's Christmas, for others, Halloween.

A debate: Pay down Tisbury’s multi-million liability, or not

Tisbury's finance and advisory committee has debated whether to begin funding the town's other post-employment benefits (OP-EB) liability, estimated at between $13- and $20 million, depending on certain assumptions.

Martha’s Vineyarders capitalize on Adult Community Education

ACE MV continues to grow as it provides both life-changing choices to Island residents and an environment that encourages taking action.