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Avian dinner guests on Martha’s Vineyard.

Biologists have a set of terms to describe the various ways different species interact with each other.

Easter egg hunts abound on Martha’s Vineyard

From Aquinnah to Chappy, avid hunters looked to fill their baskets with eggs over the Easter weekend.

Freedom for a while

Beautiful Olive, my heart is bleeding from such incredible sadness for your loss.

Seniors strut their stuff at Edgartown Council on Aging

On Wednesday, April 20, a number of Islanders involved in the Supportive Day Program (SDP) at Edgartown's Council on Aging, also known as Anchors, modeled outfits in an afternoon fashion show.

Martha’s Vineyard gas prices are among the highest in nation

Gas prices in Massachusetts rose another 16 cents per gallon last week and are now averaging $3.

Springsteen flick, and more, showing on Martha’s Vineyard

A trio of interesting films playing this weekend includes "Potiche," a French neo-feminist farce; "The Other Woman," a Hollywood family drama; and "The Promise," a documentary about the making of Bruce Springsteen's 1978 classic album, Darkness on the Edge of Town.


Ladies, are you getting up a little early tomorrow? A great many of my friends are looking forward to seeing the fairy tale princess ride with her prince in a golden horse-drawn carriage.


Town was just hoppin' with people this past Easter weekend.

West Tisbury

My heart sank Easter morning when I saw the rain and gray sky.

Sixty-year-olds share a birthday bash in West Tisbury

Some people use social networking tools to overturn repressive regimes in the Middle East, while others have more mundane goals, like contacting friends — near and dear and long-lost — to invite them to the middle of West Tisbury to celebrate making it through six decades.


It feels like the season is kicking in, even though up here the trees are mostly bare.


Vacation is over and crunch time is here.

“Macbeth” “” Shakespeare’s royal couple not (yet) dead

Some folks think of princess-to-be Kate Middleton as a calculating social climber, but what if her aristocratic ambitions went so far that she convinced Prince William to eliminate his obstacles to the crown by regicide? And what if his villainous deeds led to the necessity of removing a few other innocent people in order to cover up the scheming couple's crimes? Well, though none of that is likely to happen, it would make for great drama — and actually, it is.

Taxes and the future for the rest of us

Last year, John Paulson, a hedge fund manager, took home $4.

Island Club announces donation list

Our Island Club, a consumer discount membership program, announced the distribution of more than $43,000 in 2010 donations to Island nonprofits, charities, and scholarships.

Zach Wallen of Aquinnah takes on the Mekong River

With two childhood pals, Zach Wallen of Aquinnah built a boat in Laos they'e use to cruise down the Mekong River. All went well until...

Martha’s Vineyard’s Windemere nursing home wins state approval for facelift

The Windemere Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which provides nursing home care and physical rehabilitation for Island residents, will embark on a major physical rehabilitation of its own.

Times outdoor columnist Nelson Sigelman wins NEOWA writing award

The New England Outdoor Writers Association (

The story of West Tisbury “” a parent appeals for protection

Martha's Vineyard's history is a rich narrative of people and events.