Bishop Feehan rolls to 35-0 win over Vineyarders

Despite Ryan Fisher's efforts, Feehan's James Corbesero scored to make it 21-0 in the second quarter. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

It was no contest at Dan McCarthy field, Friday, when Bishop Feehan came to play; football, that is.

The Shamrocks were unstoppable, scoring four touchdowns in the first half and converting on extra point attempts each time. The score was 28-0 at the half.

As ineffectual as the Vineyarders were at stopping the Shamrock running game, they were equally incapable of mounting an offense of their own. Three downs and punt was the order of the day.

The second half, by comparison, was an improvement. Not that the Vineyard turned the game around and gave the visitors some of their own medicine. The improvement was measured in a reduction of Bishop Feehan’s scoring.They only added 7 points to their winning total.

Final score: 35-0.

It was the Shamrocks’ third win of the season. Believe it or not, they have lost five times. MV fell to 2-6.

The Junior Varsity game, scheduled to be played at Attleboro, was cancelled due to snow, 8 inches of it.

The Varsity’s next test is Friday, Nov. 4, at North Dartmouth, versus Bishop Stang, which has won just one game of six and is 0-2 in the EAC. Medford visits on Friday, Nov. 11 for Homecoming. Kickoff is at 6:30 pm.

The Nantucket game(s) on Nantucket will be Saturday, Nov. 19. The Whalers varsity is 7-1 on the year and is unbeaten (3-0) in the Mayflower small. Certainly, the Whalers have not played so strong a schedule as the Vineyard, but no one is looking for an easy day on the other island.

For many, if the Vineyard beats Nantucket, the season will be judged a success.

THE GAME and how to get there

There have been 63 inter-island games, Nantucket has won 35, the Vineyarders 25. Three were ties. Since the introduction of the Island Cup Nantucket has won 17 and the Vineyard 15.


Cape Air has announced special flights to and from Nantucket on Saturday, November 19. Flights to Nantucket will leave at 8:00 am, 8:52 am, 10:47 am, 11:03 am, 12:07 pm, and 12:23 pm.

From Nantucket, planes will fly to the Vineyard at 1:38 pm, 4:00 pm, and 5:40 pm. The roundtrip fare is $75.


A Steamship Authority ferry has been rented for the day and will leave for Nantucket at 7 am, Saturday, Nov. 19. Pre-sold tickets are $30 for adults, $20 students and seniors. All tickets are $30 the day of sailing. Tickets for cars (including driver) are $100.

Tickets will be sold at Packer’s (see Jack Law) and at the high school cafeteria Nov. 14-18.