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Budget cuts, new priorities top Oak Bluffs special town meeting

Oak Bluffs voters must decide a range of controversial financial issues, including reductions to the current year's budget.

Martha’s Vineyard Commissioners advised to avoid roundabout talk

Martha's Vineyard Commission executive director Mark London issued his version of a gag order to the commissioners regarding the Oak Bluffs roundabout.

Caroline Taylor joins Island Real Estate

Caroline Taylor of Edgartown, owner of Caroline Taylor Properties and an Island broker with almost 30 years of experience, has joined Island Real Estate in Tisbury, according to a press release.

Heath Hen Yarn and Quilt Shop remains open, with new owner

Unlike the bird that inspired its name, the Heath Hen Yarn and Quilt Shop located at Tisbury Marketplace in Vineyard Haven has escaped extinction.

Vineyard Grocer would be your Thanksgiving chef

The Vineyard Grocer market on State Road in Vineyard Haven will do your holiday cooking.

A fresh look at holiday parties

Hosting a holiday fete is a lovely way to connect with friends and neighbors, say thank you to employees, and brighten up the dark, cold days of a New England winter.

Marcia K. Haley

Marcia Kane Haley died on October 13, 2011, in Sarasota, Florida, after a brief illness.

Raising money the wrong way

Last month I devoted this column to the fundraising practices of the Dukes County Deputy Sheriff's Association.

Semi-, hemi-, meta-, quasi-nonsense

In the mid-1970s, an early counsel to the newly created Martha's Vineyard Commission (MVC) used the compound "quasi-judicial" as he described for commission members, in general terms, the way in which they should conduct their business.

In service to a great idea

The New York Times published a photograph during the Iraq war of an American soldier hurrying out of an Iraqi house with a child under his arm.

A resonant experience in healing

I wake up in the morning to the clucking of chickens.

Forget about it

I live at Hillside Elderly Housing and traveled the Edgartown Road to work at Morning Glory Farm last summer.

Learning about roundabouts

I was always taught to try and learn from other people's mistakes.

Business, but not as usual

Today I was trying to get some information about Comcast services, because dial-up via Verizon's exceptionally expensive land lines has frustrated me long enough.

You try it

I cannot vouch that "purity of heart" is the main reason my co-workers volunteer at the Dumptique.

A valuable opportunity

We on the Island are very fortunate.

Major thanks

The Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Minnesingers and I send out a major thank you and sincere appreciation for the overwhelming generosity and support demonstrated by the community in making the annual Minnesinger Auction at Farm Neck last Friday such a huge success.