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Edgartown Library welcomes in the year of the water dragon

The annual dragon parade bumped and wound merrily through the aisles of the Edgartown Library children's department on Saturday, as traditional Chinese music played from a boombox.

Martha’s Vineyard Vineyard hockey team skates with a message

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States.

Tisbury Business Association makes plans for a positive future

The Tisbury Business Association last week raised the possibility of a name change and a push for a new parking lot.


We extend our appreciation to Steve Nixon, Kate Murray, and all those who performed, helped, or attended the David Brand Scholarship Concert.

It’s not theology

After arguing for thousands of years, "believers" and "non believers" both appear happily convinced the other is a fool for not "seeing the light.

Thanks to all

The Scottish Society of Martha's Vineyard thanks all those who helped to make our annual Robert Burns Dinner such a success.


I think that people have a problem with minding their own business.

He likes the school lunches now

Ever since I started school, my mom has packed my lunch.

Grocery plea

This is a plea to the owners of the Island food stores.

Make a commitment

As happens every year at this time, there are town elections approaching.

A response for Occupy

I felt very compelled to write in response to

Housing hurdles in these tough times

Since the interview for the Martha's Vineyard Times housing article

A broad-based effort, a broad-based need

To the Editor:Jack Shea's recent article tells a grim and accurate story about affordable housing on Martha's Vineyard, but there is more to...

Not the Vineyard response we expected

Having moved to the Vineyard this past summer with a child in the school system, we read with great interest

Rest in peace

Amanda Hutchinson and I were neophyte beekeepers together.

Deepest sympathies

I write with much sadness that a Vineyard love has fallen from us.

She looked after so many others

I am writing to honor Amanda Hutchinson, who died recently in Aquinnah of exposure, after the snowstorm on January 21.

Community’s nurturing compassion

On behalf of my family, I extend my sincere thanks to the Island community for its generous support during this difficult time.

How far we’ve come – not so far

The news this morning suggests that the real estate market on the Vineyard may be perking up a bit.