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From Martha’s Vineyard to LA: A star on the rise

A Vineyard native, Ms. Zadeh's innate talent has catapulted her from a shy little girl to a young woman who works with big stars.

Dance up next at Hebrew Center Arts Festival

Island dance troupe to perform at the Hebrew Center's Arts Festival.

In the kitchen with Dan Sauer of Aquinnah

Good Taste columnist recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Sauer and ask him five questions about cooking and eating.

Readers share their favorite Martha’s Vineyard stores

Stores include Little Leona's, CB Stark, and Trader Fred's.

Jean Metcalf Chapman

Jean Metcalf Chapman, 93, of Auburn, N.

Primaries approach

Perhaps you've all heard that the presidential primaries are taking place in your towns.

A mooring policy out of whack

The Vineyard Haven harbormaster has established a private mooring transfer policy without any discussion and review by the harbor committees or the selectmen.

A community-health care match

I wear many hats at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital: board trustee and officer, chairman of the ethics committee, occasional outpatient and patron of the outstanding cafeteria, EMT, and recently, an inpatient.

Please, SSA, do something

On Saturday, February 25, my family and I made a reservation for the 9:30 am boat.

Mill Pond proposal raises questions

The letters about removing the dam at the West Tisbury Mill Pond as a way to re-introduce ocean trout raise some questions in my mind.

A fuller understanding of the Mill Pond possibilities

It is necessary to correct and respond to several items mentioned in Anna Alley's letter to the editor published February 23, entitled

A talent whose impact lingers

I met Julian [Robinson] many moons ago.

Our man at Walden Pond, just trying to get along

To many of you, broadly and deeply acquainted with such anomalies, it will not be a surprise to learn that Henry David Thoreau, he of the Walden Pond hermitage, was not only a naturalist but a peculiarly anarchical exponent of civil disobedience, in the traditions of Gandhi, King, the Tea Party, and the Occupy folks, but really in a tradition all his own.

Another opportunity lost in confusion and disorder

You may recall a review of the record of

Visit Egypt. Really

Note to Vineyarders who like to travel: This is a great time to visit Egypt.

Sorely tested

The MCAS tests were born out of the Commonwealth's Education Reform Act of 1993, years before the No Child Left Behind Act came along and co-opted them as part of our national high-stakes testing system.

French style love and laughter

"Mademoiselle Chambon" plays March 3 with the Martha's Vineyard Film Society at the Katharine Cornell Theatre.

Reel Picks: More about movies playing this week

The story of a woman in 19th-century Ireland who has spent 30 years of her life passing as a man in order to make a living.

Martha’s Vineyard performer continues on “American Idol” tonight

Watch Erika Van Pelt, a member of The Sultans of Swing, compete on "American Idol" tonight at the Martha's Vineyard Chowder Company.