Richard Skidmore presents his video vision in Chilmark

A still from "30 Seconds Or Less, Unstoppably Watchable, The Fastest Show On Earth." — Photo courtesy of Richard Skidmore

Videographer Richard Skidmore of Aquinnah will present a program entitled “Illuminating Narratives, an Evening of Videography” focusing on his video storytelling on Thursday, March 15, from 7:30 to 9:30 at the Gathering Space, 9 State Road in Chilmark (The Chilmark Tavern next to the Chilmark Store).

Seven works from Mr. Skidmore’s four decades of exploration in the evolving media of digital video will be featured, including independent movies shot by him and edited with technology available commonly on Apple’s iMovie for home computers. Movies created in Manhattan during a prolific career as a production designer, producer, and director of music videos, TV shows, and experimental films will also be shown.

His work has taken an everyday medium to stirring, and sometimes humorous effect. He often uses digital effects to illuminate a narrative.

Some of Mr. Skidmore’s video work, which will be screened, includes “Johnny Seaview — The Voice,” a documentary on a colorful Island character; “What It Takes – Art in Action,” with live accompaniment by pianist David Stanwood; and a documentary featuring five artists: Julia Mitchell, Sandy Bernat, Heather Sussman, Jennifer McCurdy, and Eva Gallant, made for their group exhibit at Featherstone that shows them creating the art for the show; the “The Gravity Race;” and “30 Seconds Or Less, Unstoppably Watchable, The Fastest Show On Earth,” a variety show from the 1980s.

The program is free, and local sustainable refreshments will be served. Island arts and writings will also be on display.

The program is the second installment in a four part series entitled Digital Visions/Creating Reality produced by Pathways Projects Institutes. Pathways promotes local artists and art events throughout the community by providing residencies for local artists, writers, and videographers and hosting gallery showings at a number of local establishments.

The Pathways series is on the third Thursday of each month. Pathways is currently in seasonal residence, winter to spring, at The Chilmark Tavern, next to the Chilmark Store. Their next presentation will be a collaboration with Featherstone Center for the Arts, the third annual Promising Young Poets Reading, Thursday, April 5, at Featherstone in Oak Bluffs.

For additional information, email or call 508-645-9098.

“Digital Visions/Creating Realities: Illuminating Narratives” with Richard Skidmore, Thursday, March 15, 7:30–9:30 pm, the Gathering Space, 9 State Road, Chilmark.