The Times asks: What’s your favorite Vineyard summer tradition?

From left: Don Grady, Debbie Rossi, and Viola Abel. — Photo by Naomi Pallas

Good restaurants, scenic beaches, and fun events are something to look forward to with each Vineyard summer. The Times took to Vineyard Haven streets to discover the longstanding favorite traditions of locals and returning visitors, or, in the case of first timers, what will be traditions in years to come.

Don Grady, Debbie Rossi, and Viola Abel of Connecticut

“Going to State Beach.”

Carolyn Depot of Norwich, Connecticut

“Buying lobster rolls from Grace Church on Fridays.”

Jonas Lagerquist, Martina Palm, Matlias Palm, Nora Palm, and Karin Palm of Sweden

“Eating at local restaurants, like Linda Jean’s, Mocha Mott’s, and Waterside Market.”

Larry Celani and Analiese Coppa of Rhode Island

“We enjoy having family and friends come to enjoy the Island together with us. We plan to make this an annual thing.”

Cooper Handy and Sal MacNamara of local band The Taxidermists

“Long walks on Moshup Trail between 2 and 6 am, or watching the moon set there.”