Much better this time


To the Editor:

The following is a letter of thanks I sent to Rabbi Caryn Broitman, after the talk by David Gergen at the Hebrew Center. Since there were problems at the lecture by Jeffrey Toobin a few weeks ago, I thought people might like to know how well those problems have been solved.

This letter is written in the highest praise for the organizers of the Summer Institute at the July 26 lecture by David Gergen. I appreciated their valiant efforts to get as many people as possible into the auditorium. For those of us who didn’t make it inside, the outside tent was beautifully organized. The folding seats were comfortable; the audio and visual feeds were excellent. We probably had a better view of Mr. Gergen through the video than many of the people did inside. The lecture was wonderful, and I would have been very sorry to have been turned away.

So, thank you to the Hebrew Center for going the extra mile to make it possible for all who came to enjoy the talk. Thank you, also, for year after year of great movies and stimulating speakers.

Ann Lees