Suggestions for the shark tourney


To the Editor:

I had read in last week’s paper, two articles in fact, that spoke of the vast outrageousness caused by the excessive drinking that having both the Feast and Shark Tournament on the same weekend contributed to. True, scheduling these large events on different weekends may help, but may also be hard to work out.

I would like to see the large tent set back up on Sunset Hill for all shark tournament participants to go to. Only those involved would be able to attend, with fewer people partying on the boats there should be fewer beer drinking “groupies” on the docks.

While under the tent, there would be food to help counteract the alcohol. There would be an officer detail already paid for by Boston Big Game. It would give the participants a place to go without their option being a night out on the town.

I’m sure that the entire expense would be covered by BBG, and the only town involvement would be the permission of the park commissioners.

Walter Hammond

Oak Bluffs