Poet’s Corner: Sunset on Menemsha Bay


Sunset on Menemsha Bay

Orange glow hanging low, bright & brilliant scene

Fully round homeward bound, giving way to night

Sky on fire burning flames, billions of miles off

Clouds melted by the blazing blue sky, half the sun’s


Quarter left showing the depth, of beauty on the

bountiful bay

Piercing rays through the haze, kaleidoscoping gaze

Boats’ silhouettes shining through, whitecaps


Getting low sinking slow, disappearing is the day

Down & down night all around, it’s morning for worlds


People near sit and stare, awesome are their

thoughts, joy within their hearts

Sliver left taking breath, twilight dancing off the bay

All are filled with wonderment of nature’s grand


Silence gives away to cheers

The moment the sun disappears

Cool will bring sweet dreams your way

Night has fallen on Menemsha Bay!

As a young man, Philip A. Zentz fished commercially out of Menemsha and built stone walls on the Island. A retired carpenter, cabinetmaker and schoolteacher, he lives in East Bridgewater but often visits relatives here.

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