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In defense of Oak Bluffs people

I take issue with Steve Maxner's

Thanks to you all

The weather was perfect, the view was spectacular, and the food was amazing, as we welcomed a sell-out crowd to our 7th annual Meals in the Meadow last Saturday at The FARM Institute.


The Edgartown Public Library Trustees would like to publicly express our gratitude and appreciation to the local businesses that generously donated food for our recent community open house on June 29: Edgartown Meat and Fish, Soigné, Friends of the Edgartown Library, Lattanzi's, and Vineyard Bottled Water.

Keeping us safe

To the Editor:A recent heavy rain storm, complete with thunder and lightning, set off an alarm on our property.

It’s big energy use

Last week's article about restricting large house sizes in Chilmark shows, once again, that our planning agencies are confused.

But, what’s the point?

In a letter of July 19 [In reply, I'm not wrong], Oak Bluffs resident Erik Albert responds to criticism of his long series of letters against West Tisbury's Lambert's Cove Beach policy.

Should be catch and release

This letter is in response to your July 19, article [Gone Fishin' : Monster shark tournament comes to town this weekend] in support of the Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament.

Suggestions for the shark tourney

I had read in last week's paper, two articles in fact, that spoke of the vast outrageousness caused by the excessive drinking that having both the Feast and Shark Tournament on the same weekend contributed to.

It’s all up to the building inspector – and the rules

On July 25, the zoning board of appeals of Chilmark held a most extraordinary hearing involving the application of town zoning laws.

Much better this time

The following is a letter of thanks I sent to Rabbi Caryn Broitman, after the talk by David Gergen at the Hebrew Center.

Give a thought for that by-pass road

For you Tisbury voters, If the annual town meeting was scheduled for next week, which way would you vote on paving the by-pass road? Right, it would pass easily.

Time to rethink mopeds

It was one of those sunlit, breezy, exquisite Monday afternoons driving down State Road in light traffic from up-Island near Lambert's Cove Road in West Tisbury.

Concrete floating docks make sense

There has been a strong appeal by recent letter writers to retain the 16 transient, fixed, wooden dock spaces in Menemsha Harbor (transient dock), in lieu of replacing them with concrete floating docks, as proposed by the harbormaster.

What it means to be us

I was in the eastbound lineup Tuesday heading for the four-way stop at the Blinker intersection.

Chilmark selectmen describe dock issue

The Chilmark selectmen are ready to move on to Phase 3 of our plan for rebuilding the docks in Menemsha Harbor.

State government legislates higher electricity costs

Earlier this year, we learned that the Green Communities Act had increased the cost of electricity to Massachusetts residential and business ratepayers.

An ending in good hands

Martha's Vineyard Hospital is a good place to die, I thought as my mother lay fading away in a hospital bed overlooking Vineyard Haven Harbor on a sunny afternoon as the Shenandoah made her way to sea.

The view from the saddle

The Vineyard, with its bike-friendly scale, has tantalizing possibilities as a model community for encouraging alternatives to the automobile.

Flora on Martha’s Vineyard will adapt as climate changes

In a few decades, this elegant orange butterfly, once a rarity, will almost certainly be a boring butterfly in Vineyard yards and gardens.