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Mike Joyce voted Mass. Division 3 South coach of the year

MVRHS boys varsity basketball coach Mike Joyce led the Vineyarders to three straight Eastern Athletic Conference titles and a 21-3 record last year.

Dana Gaines wins 22nd Oar and Paddle

Sixty-Four competitors riding in three dozen kayaks, a canoe, a rowboat, and a passel of paddle boards, competed on a perfect late summer's morning.

Don’t disparage New Yorkers

I wonder what Martha's Vineyard would do without the financial, community, educational, political, and social support of those New Yorkers whom you refer to as "ghastly nuisances and there are lots of them.

Not a proper investigation

How not to properly investigate.

On rape, it’s not the end of the discussion

Not on Martha's Vineyard? One in seven adult women in Massachusetts has been a victim of rape in her lifetime (National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey/CDC – 2011).

Generosity abounds

It is truly amazing to experience the depth of care, giving, and love that is found in this Island community.

Follow up would be great

I thought Dan Cabot's Alzheimer's piece was great (Aug.

Not every tenant is responsible

It's amazing to me that we are approaching the end of another summer.

The one and only

For as long as I have lived here (going on 23 years), I have been fighting the losing battle of preserving the proper and correct name (well, nickname, actually) of the Campground in Oak Bluffs.

Surf a sea of bias

Most Vineyarders who follow world and national events probably do so with cable television, primarily from a few competing networks.

Cyclists now rule

After three close encounters in one week with bicyclists oblivious to cars and pedestrians, I now have sticky notes attached to my dashboard with arrows in all directions.

A plea to the SSA

Labor Day is upon us again, and college kids are going back to school.

Thanks for so many lessons

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about the high quality of education we have on the Vineyard.

Sweet and supportive

My daughter and three of her friends were taking the VTA bus from The Fair to Vineyard Haven when they had the misfortune of being on the bus with someone who was maybe under the influence and threatening to "kill people.

Aircraft noise is now disturbing

We have been coming to the Vineyard for 36 summers without a break.

Political expression deserves respect

I am writing a letter to warn folks that there are people out there determined to suppress political expression on the Vineyard.

Take action against mosquitoes and infection

Recently there have been alarming reports of outbreaks of West Nile fever in Dallas and Chicago.

We labor on

Americans celebrated Labor Day for the first time on September 5, 1882, in New York City.

Grandparents’ lament at summer’s end

Our eldest granddaughter has been coming to the Vineyard ever since she was a little baby.

It’s a generational thing – home is where high-tech doesn’t work

And so, once again, I spent the majority of my August vacation on the phone with Comcast.