Grateful for hospital’s emergency care


To the Editor:

On three occasions this summer, either my wife or I required emergency service from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. These visits were not because of accidents with easily identifiable problems but were caused by sudden symptoms which, in two cases, required much testing.

We write now to express our gratitude to the hospital staff, the several doctors involved, the nursing staff, the lab technicians, interviewing and reception personnel — all of whom were solicitous, caring, concerned for our anxiety, repeated questioning, and diagnosis. In addition to their scrupulous attention to the medical situations involved, the staff made sure that we were fully aware of all that was necessary in our follow-up self care.

Also, most impressive is their new technical equipment, as well as the interior design, which gives such a positive feel to the environment.

For those who live on the Vineyard, summer residents, and tourists, know that we are fortunate to have a hospital where we can be assured of the best medical attention.

Arnold Rabin

West Tisbury