Poet’s Corner: Island a Go Go


Island a Go Go

Summer. 1967.

The Ogres jamming late

down on Beach Road, sweat out

“Satisfaction” like they own it.

Summer kids and locals shake

to a bottom so low the floor might

rise up and explode in the strobe-

light frenzy, and the girl you don’t

have the nerve to ask on a date

is high on dancing and noise

on the far side of the throng,

and you never get closer than that.

A few glimpses at a beach party

by the bunker and out on the spit

at Cow Bay around a bonfire,

until you see her off to school

at the ferry dock. She kisses you

goodbye and asks why you never

thought to ask her out?

Clark Myers

Clark Myers is an active member of the poetry community on Martha’s Vineyard. He lives in Vineyard Haven.

The Martha’s Vineyard Times welcomes contributions to Poet’s Corner. Dan Waters, former poet laureate of West Tisbury, will select poems to be published here. Submissions should be directed to dan@indianhillpress.com.