Thank you


To the Editor:

As a follow up to the article written by Janet Hefler [Private affordable housing project takes shape in West Tisbury, September 13] on our affordable housing project, I would like to say thank you to the people who have contacted me with offers of materials.

Due to our goal of reaching high energy efficiency standards, we can only accept windows or exterior doors that will meet energy star guidelines. We are having a consultant make sure of this with a variety of tests.

I have found a lot of people have been holding onto things in their homes that have value but no present use. What we are in need of are materials that we can use in the house, and here are a few on our wish list:

Bathroom vanities and sinks, tile for floors and backsplashes, wood flooring, kitchen cabinets or counter tops, interior doors, built-ins and bathroom mirrors.

We want these homes to be gorgeous and appreciate the donation of anything that helps us to achieve that goal. If you’d like to contact me about donating, after October 12, my email is Thank you to everyone for their support.

Jim Feiner