A fine young man

To the Editor:

The recent post regarding an incident with a police officer caught my eye, as I recognized the name of the individual alleged to have been involved, Ben Lima.

I coached Ben in baseball for many years, becoming a friend of both him and his family, off Island and on. We often spoke in the dugout of future plans and dreams. Ben, like most young athletes, dreamed of becoming a professional ballplayer. He often spoke of his second dream (more realistic, says coach), that of serving the community as a police officer.

It is often said that sport does not build character, as much as it reveals it. Ben has revealed himself to me and others as a fine, industrious, determined young man.

We cannot and should not allow missteps along life’s journey to prevent the realization of one’s dreams. Ben served the town in a professional and dignified manner as a policeman this season, earning the approval of the chief to attend the police academy. His time in the academy, in terms of attendance and performance, has been exemplary.

Going forward, due process should show to all what I already know to be true. How a person reacts to adversity, how he conducts himself going forward, learning to grow are important considerations as to future action. Ben will be a fine police officer, and any community will be as proud to have him as he is to be one.

Sean Durkin