Believe what you like; I’ll do the same


To the Editor:

Your November 1 letter, Resisting Social Progress pertains.

I too was both a Cub and Boy Scout years ago and was a proud and loyal member. I learned skills, independence, to obey the Scout Oath and Law, to think for myself, and to observe the Scout motto, Be Prepared. I do not believe that current politics should be involved in the Boy Scouts any more than they (also do not) belong in a family newspaper. Believe what you want to believe, but allow me to do the same. I shall be loyal to my flag and to my God. Sex, religion and politics belong elsewhere, along with chants, songs, and signs which are reminiscent of the era of the Hitler youth and now seen on occasion in societies less democratic than we are lucky enough to enjoy.

John M. Boardman

Oak Bluffs