Don’t fall for the Youth Task Force


To the Editor:

In response to The Youth Task Force full page ad in the November 1 MV Times.

Alcohol and nicotine are actually the most commonly used illicit drugs among teens. Teen pot use rates are monitored by what institution and how accurate is it? People who are adults and inherently honest will tend to deny doing something that would get them in trouble due to legality.

Statistics on drug use are developed nationally by the DEA and other federally subsidized institutions that are grossly inaccurate due to a precedent that was set by the Nixon administration mainly.

How is today’s marijuana more harmful? More carcinogens, I’m sure. Name one carcinogen. Who funded the study by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the National Institute on Mental Health. The DEA?

Abnormalities in the brain must be normal, I guess. Cannabanoids or CBD compounds are actually produced by the human body and stimulate hormone releases naturally in the immune system and other protective and neurological systems in the human body, without even consuming marijuana. So, technically every human is producing an illegal schedule one substance.

Due to privatization of our prison system, we could fill every corporate cell quota by just putting everyone in jail. Over two million U.S. citizens are currently incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. It is a good thing that teens can’t find marijuana unless they go to a medical marijuana patient, so if we keep it illegal here there will be no more problem. That way they have to go to a drug dealer to get it. Maybe they will get killed or thrown in jail or contribute to the livelihood of someone whose main business is dealing in prescription drugs, heroin, or methamphetamines.

By the way, where are all these kids’ parents? Comparing marijuana to alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs, or cigarettes is ridiculous. Alcohol (ethanol) is a toxic substance. In any amount, it chemically attacks many internal organs and impairs motor function and is technically a poison. Model glue is legal, also bear in mind. Narcotics rewire the neurological system and reroute priorities. Alcohol and cigarettes obviously contain carcinogens. I could go on because I have done the research. You need to do the research before you believe the mvtaskforce’s poor attempt at representing an issue that every parent and person should be aware of.

Teens doing any recreational drugs (alcohol, painkillers, meth, cigarettes, cocaine, heroin, nitrous oxide, marijuana) is not something that helps brain development, school work or anything for that matter. Our legislation should use fact not fiction to protect our citizens and families from harm. Using fiction to sway opinion doesn’t work because the result is worse. If you want to win the war on drugs, don’t continue the war on people. Not my opinion. Fact. Look it up yourself and develop your own opinion. Look up the Schafer report and start your research there.

Harry Parris

West Tisbury