A politician with the human touch


To the Editor:

I enjoyed reading your piece on our late Governor Frank Sargent [At Large: Who me?, November 1]. I worked for the Commonwealth back then and was attached to the Division of State Colleges, but as a bonded courier, my duties encompassed many different departments including the Treasury, Senate, and Governor’s office. Frank Sargent was an amazing human being. Several times he would ask for me by name from my office, and I would find myself in his office being asked how I was doing, how college was going at nights, and he even knew what courses I was taking and pretty much what my grades were. We had a friendship for those years that sometimes included practical jokes, and I held him in the greatest respect as did so many who worked in his administration.

I think in recent years we have not enjoyed such a human quality in our government. I think politicians are more concerned with their own futures rather than the well-being of their constituents. Carefully tracking who may have contributed to the “other party” under their watch, or who may be invited to a political rally or debate, is just normal in their agendas.

Though long past in most memories, I thank you again for bringing back the humanity that Frank Sargent was and what he was able to accomplish for the state and the environment. He was a champion for this guy who had to struggle to get an education and was grateful for his encouragement. I received my undergraduate degree from college, but I learned as much about grace and humanity from our past governor.

Tom Wetherall

West Tisbury