A necessary first step


To the Editor:

While I agreed with most of what Dan Cabot wrote in his column [Essay : Disaster cannot always be prevented, December 27], I have to take issue with some points.

I am a hunter who counts on going into camp every year. That said, I believe there is no reason for an ordinary citizen to possess the military type of assault weapons which are all too often used in the mass murders in this country, often by people with no real criminal background.

Mr. Cabot seems to feel that if these weapons were outlawed, people like Adam Lanza’s mother would find a way to get them anyway. True, some would. However any roadblock to such action is worthwhile. It is also true that it would take considerable time for all these weapons to be removed from circulation — perhaps never. Consider though, that if that one weapon had been removed from circulation, 20 children and six adults would still be alive today. Adam Lanza may still have invaded Sandy Hook school, but without the massive fire power he had.

We can not as a nation allow ourselves to buy into the simplistic paranoid behavior of the survivalist mentality. We are better than that. These weapons ought to be removed from circulation in the civilian population and relegated to the military and tactical police forces.

Outlawing them is a small step, but if you never take the first step you will never accomplish the journey.

Bill Nash

Vineyard Haven