Poet’s Corner: Euclid Returns


Euclid Returns

‘Tis the season? No, ‘taint.

Santa Claus has been and gone,

But wait! There’s more!

Would you believe that Euclid, of all folk,

Was carried in his train? The same

Who gave me nightmares in geometry

All those years agone,

With theorems, hypotheses,

And the odd hypotenuse—

Now he shows, trailing Blitzen

By a day or two, again full of wind

On arcane subjects, but bringing rain along

To further cloud the atmosphere,

The latest scion of the line

Begun with Athena, through to Draco.

The ancient Greeks would seem to have it in

For winter in these latter days.

Gerald Blake Storrow

12/27/12 9:17a.

Gerald Blake Storrow lives in Cambridge and Chilmark. He is another satisfied customer of Nancy Slonim Aronie’s Writing from the Heart workshops. If she hadn’t been around, he says, he would never have written anything.