Dukes County grand jury indicts Worcester man on drug charge


A Dukes County Superior Court grand jury, meeting on Tuesday, January 29, indicted John J. Polydores, 27, of Worcester on a charge of trafficking in cocaine.

Police arrested Mr. Polydores on October 8, 2012, in Edgartown, after watching him for 24 hours .

Worcester police had advised members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task force to use extreme caution, because of Mr. Polydores’s long history of violent crimes, including weapons charges. Mr. Polydores had a criminal record that included 65 separate entries, according to a police report.

The task force targeted Mr. Polydores as part of an investigation that began months earlier. They suspected him of making frequent trips from Worcester to Martha’s Vineyard to distribute cocaine.

Mr. Polydores was first arraigned in Edgartown District Court. Prosecutors often seek indictments for serious crimes in order to move the case to Superior Court, where the law allows for more severe punishment.

Less than a year before his arrest, Mr. Polydores was released from state prison, where he served a 4.5-year sentence for a hate crime. He pled guilty to 13 indictments stemming from an early morning attack on an African-American couple at a Worcester convenience store in 2009.