A positive approach


To the Editor:

So our president is “different.” I think we knew that when we elected him (or as some may prefer, when he was elected). I think most people would be “different” if they had the childhood he had — think about it.

So, he was able to be a senator, because there is a certain independence in that role, and a good or very good speaker can go far as a senator. He went far quite fast, partly being in the right place at the right time.

Keep in mind that the majority of voters (if you didn’t vote, your decision not to) wanted him back. He was reelected.

It isn’t hard for this voter to see his viewpoint. He is quite certain he knows what is best for our country, and disappointed when the majority in Congress don’t agree. (I, too, have been disappointed in Congress lately.) He doesn’t want to “cajole” and “politic” about these important matters. He is lucky, and we are lucky, our vice-president has congressional experience aplenty, and talks easily with those in the legislative bodies. (I was extremely impressed with him, watching him on C-SPAN, when the new congressional session began and families posed for pictures. He greeted every child and elderly parent in a genuinely friendly manner, and there were many. Mr. Congeniality.)

This is our team for the next four years. Let’s look at the positives, not negatives.

Leigh Smith

Vineyard Haven