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Casey McCurdy and David Jiménez Barrantes married on March 24, 2012, near Mt.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Notes

This winter the Polly Hill Arboretum will offer two pruning workshops; one for blueberries and one for apples.

Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club results

At the Thursday, January 24, Island Bridge Club (IBC) game, Dan and Nancy Cabot were way ahead of the competition taking first place with a 68.

Poets Corner: Travellers

Travellers Travellers crossing barren land pile up stones to mark the way. They fill their hands with the furious love of stones. When night comes they lie down with stones & pull the...

High school students rain confetti to win engineering challenge

The challenge was to build a confetti launcher, with a single trigger, that resulted in the widest spread of launched confetti.

Martha’s Vineyard students join Governor Patrick for project 351

Project 351 celebrates the ethic of service, youth leadership, and the power of community to uplift and unite.

Extreme cold challenges wildlife on Martha’s Vineyard

Prolonged cold, especially when paired with snow cover, represents a sort of ecological bottleneck, killing many individuals.

Girls hockey auction, Legion breakfast, and hike with the Land Bank

The Martha's Vineyard Regional High School girls hockey team is having a benefit auction and party at the M.

Noteworthy events on Martha’s Vineyard

The Martha's Vineyard ballroom dancing group is offering West Coast Swing lessons with Anne Fleming on Sunday, Feb.

Photographer’s mini images make big impact

"The pictures give sort of a snapshot of my everyday life. They're whatever feature of the day that catches my eye." - Danielle Zerbonne

Oscar-nominated shorts head to Vineyard

See nominated films in three categories: animated, live-action, and documentary.

Book lovers talk about books: Richard North Patterson

The novel that made a difference in this author's life.

Reel Picks

A slave-turned-bounty hunter, helped by his mentor, embarks on a mission to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.


Each day, we gain two more minutes of sunlight, and I really do notice it staying brighter a bit later.

Oak Bluffs

I guess the only activity that really increases in winter, this year anyway, is snowstorms.


Black History Month begins tomorrow.

West Tisbury

A seashell pink sky this morning and a tracery of ice crystals across our windows.


I know some people may be complaining about the snow and the cold, but I find that this has been the most fun winter we've had in a while.


Are you musically inclined or simply a music lover looking for a delightful way to pass some time on a Sunday afternoon? The hall behind the Chilmark Church may be just the spot for you.

We’re in the gun control fight

I like to say when I'm going to the mainland that I am going to the "real world.