Better this year, she hopes


To the Editor:

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for 19 years. There are families with small children. You’ll find a smile and a wave, and we’re always looking out for one another But it saddens me to say that we’ve now become a statistic.

I read an article in the Vineyard Gazette last June about a man in our neighborhood, named Skip Dauphinais, who assaulted a child, was found guilty by a jury, and is in jail where he’ll register as a sex offender.

In The Times recently, there was a story about Steven Schwab who assaulted a child, and yet another article back in December about Daniel Parker, who did the very same thing.

Maybe we’re hearing more disturbing stories because these very brave children are speaking out and getting the help they deserve.

My wish for 2013 is for the abuse on children to stop and for those families who were affected to have a safer and happier New Year.

Deb Stevenson

Oak Bluffs