Inconvenient and mismatched


To the Editor:

According to the 2013 schedules, there are 14 SSA sailings from the Vineyard, seven of which provide a connection of 20 minutes or less with the bus to Boston. Returning, there are also 14 sailings from Woods Hole, but only five make connection within an hour or less, and only two provide a convenient connection of 20 minutes or less, the other 9 trips requiring between one to two hours.

For vehicles, a separate staging line at Woods Hole for Islanders returning home during busy times would be sure to be appreciated.

The 10-wheel buses we see increasingly here on the Island create a pressure on our road system that the Island’s roadway infrastructure is ill equipped to handle, most notably their narrowness, sharp curvatures, and overhanging foliage.

Moreover, gaudy decoration on buses distracts motorists and brings a “Coney Island” atmosphere inappropriate to our rural environment. Even the Island’s present compact buses, which often run only partially filled, are more consistent with the scope and scale of things here on the Island.

Advertising notwithstanding, doesn’t cheapening the atmosphere send the wrong message?

John Boardman

Oak Bluffs