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Survey finds more study needed for marijuana as medicine

Few large scale studies have measured whether marijuana is an effective treatment.

Medical marijuana industry eyes Massachusetts market

Businesses that grow and sell medical marijuana, and a host of businesses that support the industry, are ready and waiting.

A meaningful service

On March 4, I attended the fourth annual service of remembrance given at Windemere Nursing Home, in memory of those patients who died in 2012.

Books, the adventure and the peace of mind

In response to [At Large: Following one reader's trail, but not getting very far] made me think of my adventure into the world of books.

Safety is a gun at hand – or is it?

The National Rifle Association calls on every American to have a gun in the house – preferably several guns – in order to defend home and family against intruders.

The best plan for TTOR

This is a copy of a letter to The Trustees of Reservations and the Department of Marine Fisheries, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Our habitat is ticks’ habitat – we ought to change that

The smaller deer tick infects humans with Lyme disease, the best known of tick-borne illnesses.

Missing the affordable housing mark

The missing keys to solving the affordability problem have not escaped the leaders of the housing movement over the last decade of their devoted work.

The high cost of cheap

West Tisbury just went through a $1.

Dan Scully named Winnetu GM

Dan Scully is the new general manager of Winnetu Oceanside Resort, Mark and Gwenn Snider, owners of Winnetu and the Nantucket Hotel on Nantucket Island, announced this week.

MVCS wants a new logo; you can help

Martha's Vineyard Community Services (MVCS), whose leadership is changing (see above), wants to change its logo.

MVCS hires new chief

Juliette E.

MV Cancer Support Group hosts celebration potluck party

The Martha's Vineyard Cancer Support Group (MVCSG) will kick off "A Celebration of Survival & Support," a potluck party, at 5 pm on Sunday, March 10, at the Portuguese-American Club in Oak Bluffs.

Oak Bluffs

If you wonder why each column has a brief mention of weather, it is because it seems as if our lives and plans depend so much on what is predicted for weather in the days ahead: even though those predictions are not always accurate.


School vacation has come and gone and our kiddos are back to the grind.


Now don't be alarmed, but there has been this bright yellow ball in the sky lately that has been making appearances more and more regularly, even creeping into the evening hours.


Well thank goodness February is over.


Susan Klein returns with more Tales for a Winter's Night this Friday at Grace Church.

West Tisbury

I have accused my husband of having chain saw madness for almost 30 years.