Just like home – sort of


To the Editor:

During the past 50-plus years, we have progressed from casual visitors to annual vacationers to summer residents and now to full-time wash-ashores from Rochester, New York. In perusing your paper to find what off-season activities are available, we were amused to see in the 55 Plus page, that the Council on Aging sponsors several off-Island trips, including one in April to the Museum of Russian Icons and to Wegmans.

To the uninitiated, the birthplace and headquarters for Wegmans Supermarkets is Rochester. And we, like Alex Baldwin’s mother, were reluctant to leave Wegmans.

Our daughter has lived on Martha’s Vineyard for about 40 years, but on every visit to Rochester, the first item on her agenda was a trip to Wegmans. I should point out that Wegmans, like many of their products, comes in two sizes, regular and family. There are regular Wegmans and big Wegmans. She always went to the big Wegmans.

It is comforting to know that, if we really get homesick, we can take a trip to Clinton, Massachusetts. I can’t tell from the trip description if this Wegmans is a regular or a big, but either will be trip down memory lane.

I guess Wegmans and the iconic Black Dog, like Dover and Rover, are all over.

By the way, we are the proud owners of not one, but three Wegmans shopping bags. If anyone is interested, we will part with one for a price.

Fran and Bob Woerpel

Vineyard Haven