Time to say thanks


To the Editor:

I am grateful to the voters of Oak Bluffs. I have had a chance to serve the town on the board of health for the past six years. Though my tenure will end this month, I appreciate what this opportunity has afforded me. My mission to improve communications within the board and for our constituents was important. The majority of folks whom I met are working to improve the conditions of our town by making it a safe place to eat, live, and do business. I have educated myself and hopefully left behind a decent record.

My two colleagues, Trish Bergeron and Bill White, have been a tremendous source of continuity and support. I admire Ron Tolin and Shirley Fauteux for their commitment to our town and their tenacity for justice and regulatory standards. Once again, thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Dave Caron

Oak Bluffs