The children’s names


To the Editor:

I’m not sure if there is a place for this, but it seemed appropriate to share this week:

Please do not tell me their names one more time, nor where they lived, nor where they died, nor why they did the unspeakable things they’ve done. I do not care to know.

I do not care whom they loved or who will miss them. Let them remain nameless and faceless for eternity.

Speak to me instead of the children, the children whose lives were taken senselessly and too soon. Speak to me their names over and over – Martin, Charlotte, Olivia, Dylan, Jessica, Trevon.

Whom did they love? Who is missing them now?

Trace for me their laughter, their joys, and the sorrows of their short lives.Tell me where they lived and the names of the streets where they played.

What was the first song they sang, and please tell me who held them last? Who kissed away their final tears?

Let me memorize the details of their faces and etch their names across my heart, forever

Jackie Kane

Vineyard Haven