Island Grown Schools brings classroom outside

Melinda Defeo shows her peashoots to Kim Moore's second grade class at the Tisbury School Garden. — Photo by Lynn Christoffers

Island Grown Schools coordinators Elissa Lash and Melinda DeFeo and intern Erin Block joined Tisbury School second grade students in the school garden and the classroom last Wednesday.

Children in Kim Moore’s second grade class planted carrots to add to the sprouting peas they had planted in early April. The students tasted fresh pea shoots, then used multiplication and division to figure out how many seeds to plant and how many seeds each student would be responsible for putting into the bed they had prepped.

Back in the classroom the students wrote free form poetry about their gardening experience. They tried to use observations made with their five senses while outside in the garden learning lab.

A selection of the students’ poems follows:

Planting I saw peas and seeds I heard birds chirping I smelled vegetables I felt so many things I love planting

-Isabelle Ribeiro

The dirt was brown and black

I saw birds

I smelled the smell the smell of sweet seeds and felt the puny seeds

-Linus Munn

The Adventure The smell of the peas the feel of the soil the hearing of the birds the look of the plants it was an adventure

-Alana Nevin