Poets Corner: The Ride


The Ride

Late night party, after hours,

Not quite sober, hold the flowers.

Dark green chrome rim Chevy Nova

Awake till dawn, then it was over.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

couldn’t wait any longer.

Cat can Jeep, white Toyota,

he didn’t care, not one iota.

Green thumb man, dense aroma

begets himself a green Tacoma.

Bigger, better, more thrust, more power,

relationship going under

big fat lease, big fat Tundra.

Let it go, come back home

lost the urge to ride and roam.

Old and red, almost free

a Saab story, told to me.

Black and sleek, Pathfinder he,

Finder, seeker, what does he see?

Perhaps it is the path to me.

Sian R. Williams

Sian R. Williams is a yoga teacher, writer, and mother of five children. She has lived on Martha’s Vineyard for 24 years.