Integrity reigns, sometimes


To the Editor:

My husband and I had the pleasure this past weekend of meeting esteemed photographer Michael Johnson. Initially drawn into his shop by the stunning photos, we were quickly charmed by Michael’s warm smile and pleasant demeanor. We purchased two gorgeous panoramas to present our sons as gifts as they begin new life adventures.

After closing our transaction and bidding this gracious man farewell, we headed off up the street. Michael came after us in a few moments, waving a 20-dollar bill, calling out that he had over charged us. Honor and integrity reign.

Contrast that experience to some years ago, when I called a noted Vineyard photographer to purchase a piece of his work as a gift for my husband. He quoted me a price, I agreed, providing my credit card and shipping information. His wife phoned me the next day to say that what he charged was not enough (in her opinion) and she more than doubled the price. I refused her request and was very disappointed in their behavior.

Thank you, dear Michael, for being a good person. May you enjoy great success.

Therese Gamble

Alexandria, Georgia