A passionate and tireless volunteer


To the Editor:

The Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard recognizes the retirement of Janet Norton, one of our most passionate and tireless volunteers. Since the beginning of the Animal Shelter, Janet has helped do the many tasks and thankless jobs that are a necessary to care for the dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs that come through our doors. Without the time and care Janet and the many other volunteers do at the shelter, we could not operate as we do.

Janet was also the author of a weekly newspaper column that kept the Island informed of the coming and going of pets at the shelter and our pet news of the week. We will especially miss her annual Christmas column.

To recognize her service, the Animal Shelter will create a commemorative brick honoring Janet that will be installed at our front door. Janet, thank you for your time, generosity, and concern. We hope that you’ll still come in to visit and to play with the kittens.

Greg Orcutt

For the Staff and Board of Directors

Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard