Roundabout test yet to come


To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Ken MacLean’s letter in the May 30 paper [Congratulations on the Roundabout]. Before moving to the Island, I subscribed to both Island newspapers and read of the opposition to the Roundabout from the residents for years. It still exists. So to hear you say congratulations that the roundabout is working like a charm is unreal. You apparently never spoke to residents, because they were not mentioned in your letter.

It has only been a few weeks. Let’s see what happens in July and August. Already I have seen traffic backed up to NStar, people not being respectful of others, which was not the case before this was built. Never did I see a huge problem to say that millions of dollars was needed for the Roundabout. People were courteous in the past and took turns in moving on. How do you see that this is working like a charm?

It is shameful to spend millions of dollars on this project when folks on the Island are without jobs and have housing problems and not enough money for food, etc. Many people, if jobs are found, are working two or three, to make ends meet. This has been an insult to residents that have expressed their feelings in opposition.

Would you have some suggestions on Five Corners which is a real problem to residents and tourists?

Phyllis Dunn

Oak Bluffs