Life cycles


To the Editor:

I suppose I am more of a writer than a speaker (I leave that to my sister), or perhaps it is the nature of this letter, and that Bob Hughes was such a regular in his Letters to the Editor that I chose to express my thoughts in this manner.

Our family held a memorial service for some of our dearly departed relatives today, Ruth and Bob Hughes and Betty Blankenship. I was overwhelmed by the turnout of friends and relatives, most people I have known my entire life — the stories shared, fond memories exchanged, and overall joyousness of the occasion.

Betty passed down to me my love of books and ice cream. In her later years, she was a confidant (nothing like spilling your guts to someone who asks what day it is every 10 minutes). Ruth and Bob took me to get watercress, pinkletinks, clamming, and to the beach.The love they had for each other was enduring and beautiful to be in the presence of. In his later years, Bob enjoyed the flowers I’d bring him to the Brewer House. He still knew each one and would relish in their scents. I don’t think any of us thought Bob would have lived another six months after his beloved Ruth passed, but he lived another five years.

My family has experienced a lot of loss in the last 10 years, and we have lost a lot of good ones, but looking around the room at the service, I saw lots of tiny faces looking back. It is as if we have completed a cycle, and it’s starting over. It was a real celebration of lives well lived. Thanks to all who shared this day with me and my family.

Meredith Gallo