Problems choosing


To the Editor:

One day soon, faithful Fox News viewers are likely to see a shrill blonde announcing yet another Obama scandal. A patriotic whistleblower in the Weather Bureau has bravely come forward to reveal that one of his superiors has been deliberately misinforming the public as to the next day’s forecasts, predicting sunshine when the data call for rain. The villain thus helps his secretly owned umbrella-rental company make more money. Hence, crony capitalism.

A House committee will investigate to find whether it could possibly involve Hillary Clinton. Fox News will have frequent fair and balanced updates.

Actually, in 2013, the United States faces many internal and foreign problems. In choosing which individuals could best lead us toward solutions, it would help voters if we could watch non-partisan TV news channels. Instead, we have only Fox and what it calls the mainstream — everyone else. It claims to be fair and balanced conservative, but airs only straight Republicanism.

An example is the word terrorist, inaccurately applied to enemies of America such as Al Qaeda, whose aim is to kill, not merely to frighten. The mainstream more accurately calls them Islamic radicals. Nevertheless, Fox insists that failure to use their term shows the president’s inability to understand the world, whereas Mitt Romney’s habitual use shows his brilliance.

Since Fox’s vocabulary and its most frequently consulted commentators are from the Bush era, why don’t the Republicans bring back W himself, as the Democrats have with Bill Clinton? Fox’s dilemma is that a Bush appearance brings memories of gross Republican mismanagement, while his non-appearance suggests that his legacy is best forgotten.

W.R. Deeble

West Tisbury