Tashmoo overlook, now and if

Location and angle view taken from the overlook. — Photo by Henry Stephenson

To the Editor:

That was a beautiful photo of Tashmoo that the MV Times published last week but, since it was taken with a telephoto lens, it creates the impression that what is only a partial view of the lake represents the entire vista.

Attached are two illustrations taken from the overlook that I hope will clarify the matter: The first is the view from the overlook showing the compromised view that will remain if the selectmen’s proposed agreement takes effect. An “X” and an arrow indicate that portion of the field included in the MV Times photo. The second image is from the same position at the overlook, illustrating the full view with the trees cleared.

That illustration also notes that the private property that lies within this view field is obscured by the brow of an intervening hill and consequently is not visible from this angle.

That is the crux of the Tashmoo View Committee’s proposal — that the full view of Tashmoo from the overlook can be restored while still respecting and protecting the rights and privacy of the property owners within it.

Henry Stephenson


Henry Stephenson is a member of the Tashmoo View Committee. He is also co-chairman of the Tisbury planning board, although this letter represents his views and not those of the planning board, which has not taken a position on the view committee’s proposal. He has said he does not represent the planning board to the view committee and will recuse himself if the planning board does take a position on the view committee’s proposal.