Poets Corner: The Colors of Summer


The Colors of Summer

As if overnight, the

Sedate gray and white houses

On streets near the beach

Burst joyfully into bloom,

Blossoming on porch rails

Flowers of the season –

Towels alive with oranges,

Yellows and purples,

A blue Smurf, a lighthouse,

A sunflower on a field of green!

Bare porches suddenly become

Gardens of painted rockers and

Wicker, with vibrant flowered,

Striped or patterned cushions.

And, strung from rafters, are lines

Where dripping bathing suits

Fly their colors in the breeze!

Out are the navy pants and

Somber shirts of winter.

People on the porches wear

Bright colors or pastels,

White pants and jeweled sandals!

Gardens are full of summer flowers,

But these must needs compete

With the porches’ summer blooms!

Barbara Peckham has lived on Martha’s Vineyard since 2001. A retired teacher, in 2011 she published a book of poetry, “A Jar of Summer.”