Insulting TV detritus


To the Editor:

After slogging through about half of the Black Dog “infomercial” known as ABC’s The Vineyarders, I must say this is the one of the worst pieces of entertainment I’ve ever seen on television (or anywhere else).

It is an insult to the actual young people who work on the Island. They are polite, hardworking and intelligent and do not get to go to the beach all day or live in anything like the “Black Dog House.” It is degrading to portray them as muscle-bound glamour boys and Barbie doll airheads. The scene in which one of these bimbos flirts with an elderly man she perceives as being connected to money is disgraceful. The comment on meeting a “JFK” demeans the Kennedy name and denigrates an important part of the country’s and the Island’s history. One wonders if this ditz even knows who JFK was.

In fact this program insults everyone who lives and works on the Island, and even those who visit. What were the Island officials thinking when they cooperated with this production? Did they actually watch it before it was released? These same officials complained that the new utility poles are an eyesore; they are classical works of art compared to this detritus. (Even the Black Dog’s railroad car on State Road doesn’t do as much damage to the Island’s image).

This is not about the Vineyard — the Island was just a silent witness to this amateurish enterprise. This was neither documentary nor reality, not even good soap opera. It was Baywatch meets Lost, a cartoon that shames Martha’s Vineyard. Wasn’t Southampton available?

Theodore Jochsberger

West Tisbury