Shark Tourney the result of poor leadership in town


To the Editor:

Truly an act of poor leadership continues as Oak Bluffs performs again in its three-ring circus. Why can’t the leadership develop some class and follow in the footsteps of Edgartown. This weekend, July 19, the harbor was once again turned into a three-ring circus with cat calls and filthy language along the boardwalk. Mind you, this was once an area graced by large boats and sitting areas for families, plus a couple of finer eating establishments. This past weekend it was heavily patrolled by police who were powerless to change what has been created and allowed over the last few years.

This year I witnessed added entertainment, as a woman cut the teeth out of the shark and handed them to passing children. One child even requested an eye, which she obligatorily handed over. And I thought, what a fine example we are setting for our children about conservation, desecration, and kindness to animals. Really is the almighty buck that important and what lasting image does it brand Oak Bluffs with? Are the merchants really that strong a group, so that the selectmen are powerless to end this classless event?

So selectmen, as you move forward, what will your next act within the arena be? How about a town that has cleaner sidewalks and boardwalks that we can walk without listening to gutter talk and watching rowdiness. How about a community that is known for kindness and gentleness. It’s time for the sideshow to end and to make merchants and yourself responsible. More of the same, and the price we pay will become more than obvious. Oak Bluffs will remain the tee-shirt town, while Edgartown enjoys its quality and the respect of the people. Less politics as usual, more action in the people’s behalf.

James B. Laurie

Morristown, New Jersey