‘The Vineyard’ – a ‘washashore’s’ perspective


To the Editor:

My wife’s family has been coming the Vineyard for 16-plus years. I remember the first time they brought me like it was yesterday. I never saw an Island with so much substance, so much character, so unique and special. I loved everything about it, from the roadside flowers, to the smell of fish on the docks in Edgartown.

I remember turning a corner and seeing the Vineyard Sound performing in the street. I remember how amazing the corn on the cob was at my first Ag Fair. I remember thinking that I have finally found a magical place to visit for years and years to come. It has now been seven years since that first trip, and every August my family and I make our annual voyage to this special Island.

It was February 13, 2012, when I first heard that ABC would be filming a reality show called “The Vineyard.” I think my entire family yelled a collective, “oh no. Not our Island. Please say it’s not true.”

Our fear was that this would be another “Jersey Shore.” A shallow, semi-scripted reality show that exposed our wonderful little Island to the rest of the world, in a not so flattering manner. But I could never have expected what I saw last week.

“The Vineyard” is a disgrace to anyone who loves the Island. It represents nothing about the Vineyard that keeps me coming back every year. The acting (yes, it’s not reality) is terrible, the writing is worse, and associating the Vineyard with plastic Barbie dolls and frat boys is a farce. The Black Dog, a company that needs no introduction on the Vineyard, should be ashamed of itself for associating their brand with such a ridiculous show. You can bet that I will be praying for thisshow to be cancelled.

And, while I am making requests, is it asking too much to bring back the original Zapotec? I really loved that place.

Jarrett Muzi