Try Nantucket next time


To the Editor:

Closing down a major highway while visiting our Island of paradise takes a lot of gall. Of course, that is not as bad as the president arranging his weeklong vacation trip during our most activity loaded week, which will certainly create all kinds of traffic disruptions.

Of course, no one should be surprised that he takes his vacation while there are immense problems back in Washington. There is ObamaCare, which the majority of the American people fear and even members of the federal government have just been relieved of having to join. There are numerous scandals as result of the president’s actions: lack of securing immigration laws, pending budget talks over our nation’s increasing debt, millions of our citizens still being unemployed after five years of the president’s ineffective administration, and his lack of ability to work with members of Congress. He gives various interviews to members of the press, but constantly fails the challenge of being interviewed by FOX News.

The correct thing to do is to stay in Washington and secure resolutions of these problems. No, not our president. It is not about the people of America. It is just about what is good for the president, his immediate family, and the friends that go along with him as he takes another one of his vacations.

He should try Nantucket for his next vacation, as most of us on the Vineyard have had it with the disruptions of our lives?

Michael Bader

Oak Bluffs