Do you know why?


To the Editor:

During President Obama’s vacation, I was driving down Middle Road in Chilmark, because a portion of South Road was closed during his visit. As I was passing by the Keith Farm, the car in front of me suddenly stopped on the right side of the road. I immediately saw the reason why. A turtle was in the middle of Middle Road. I stopped, too.

As I approached the turtle, the woman driving the car in front of me got out of her car and thanked me for saving it. I picked the turtle up and took it back to the side of Middle Road from which it came. I waited to make sure it was safe.

As I was standing there, the woman said: “The turtle wanted to go to the other side of the road.”

Maybe we could have a contest to find out why the turtle wanted to cross Middle Road.

Charles Pinck

Washington, D.C. and Chilmark